SCHOOL LAW 101 Nov. 10, 2018

$59.00 each

Saturday, November 10 Postconference Sessions / $59 per

11:45 – 2:15 pm (includes break)        School Law 101   

Marriott at Key Center, Cleveland, Ohio   

This seminar is a post-conference for the ELA Annual Conference but may be attended separately from the full conference!         

This session provides a nuts and bolts review of hot topics in school law that every teacher should know, including speech, special education, discipline, harassment, church/state issues, McKinney Vento, and search and seizure. The presenters will answer many of those lingering questions, such as Can a student be disciplined during a walk out to protest gun violence or for wearing a Confederate flag or homophobic t-shirt to school?  Can a teacher discuss controversial issues in class?  What are the legal rights of students experiencing homelessness while attending school?  May a teacher search a student’s cell phone if it appears that she is sexting in class?  Presenters will also provide an overview of careers in education law including e.g., law firm positions, professors, policymakers, and graduate school opportunities.

Teachers, counselors, coaches and principals are encouraged to attend!

Both presenters are former public school teachers who are now practicing lawyers.  They also both teach education law courses to teachers at Indiana University.


Francesca Hoffman, J.D., Ph.D.

Ricky LaFosse, J.D., Ph.D.

Francesca Hoffman, J.D., is a lawyer practicing education law in Indiana.  Francesca also teaches education law to preservice teachers at Indiana University.  Prior to practicing law, Francesca was a public school teacher in Miami and Washington DC.

Ricky LaFosse, J.D, is an online education compliance consultant at Indiana University.  Ricky also teaches education law to preservice teachers at Indiana University.  Prior to working in compliance, Ricky was a public school teacher in Las Vegas.