The Principal's Legal Handbook - SECTION D: Schools And The Law (ebook)

$24.99 each

Janet R. Decker and Mark A. Paige, Editors

ISBN 978-1-56534-182-1

PDF, 215 pages


Chapter 1 – The Evolution of NCLB to ESSA
Paige C. Perez and Mario S. Torres, Jr.

Chapter 2 – Religious Influences and Accommodations in Public Schools
Martha M. McCarthy

Chapter 3 – Copyright Laws in K-12 Settings
Philip T.K. Daniel and Patrick D. Pauken

Chapter 4 – Charter Schools
Preston C. Green III and Steven L. Nelson

Chapter 5 – Collective Bargaining in Public Schools
Justin M. Bathon and Ricky LaFosse

Chapter 6 – School Funding Litigation
R. Craig Wood, John Dayton, and Christine Kiracofe

Chapter 7 – Affirmative Action
William Camp, Jay Cummings, R. Jefferson George, and David A. Brackett

Chapter 8 –School Desegregation During an Era of Continuing Judicial Disengagement
Charles J. Russo

Chapter 9 – English Language Learners
Scott Ellis Ferrin