The Principal's Legal Handbook - SECTION B: Special Education And The Law (ebook)

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Janet R. Decker and Elizabeth A. Shaver, Editors

ISBN 978-1-56534-180-7

PDF, 183 pages


Chapter 1 – Pages B1 – B14
Fundamentals of Federal Disability Law
Julie F. Mead

Chapter 2 – Pages B15 – B36
Discrimination under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and
Americans with Disabilities Act
Allan G. Osborne, Jr.

Chapter 3 – Pages B37 – B54
Qualifying for Special Education and Related Services under IDEA
Elizabeth A. Shaver

Chapter 4 – Pages B55 – B88
IEPs, Least Restrictive Environment, and Placement
Jean B. Crockett and Mitchell L. Yell

Chapter 5 – Pages B89 – B110
Related Services under the IDEA
Jennifer A. Sughrue

Chapter 6 – Pages B111 – B130
Secondary School Transition Planning
Stanley L. Swartz, Philip H. Swartz, and Cathleen A. Geraghty- Jenkinson

Chapter 7 – Pages B131 – B146
Disciplining Students with Disabilities
Mark A. Paige

Chapter 8 – Pages B147 – B178
Parental Rights, Procedural Safeguards, and Due Process
Susan G. Clark