The Principal's Legal Handbook 6th Edition - SECTION A: Students And The Law (ebook)

$24.99 each

Janet R. Decker and Maria M. Lewis, Editors

ISBN 978-1-56534-179-1  

PDF, 241 pages


Chapter 1 – Pages A1 – A14
Student Discipline Hearings and Due Process
Richard S. Vacca

Chapter 2 – Pages A15 – A42
Addressing Discriminatory and Exclusionary Discipline Practices
Jennifer A. Sughrue, Maria M. Lewis, and M. David Alexander

Chapter 3 – Pages A43 – A64
Freedom of Expression
Watt Lesley Black, Jr. and David M. Schimmel

Chapter 4 – Pages A65 – A102
Searches in Public Schools
W. Bradley Colwell, Kevin P. Brady, and W. Kyle Ingle

Chapter 5 – Pages A103 – A116
Student Records
Justin Bathon, John S. Gooden, and James A. Plenty

Chapter 6 – Pages A117 – A144
Promotion, Retention, and Graduation
Patrick D. Pauken

Chapter 7 – Pages A145 – A178
Child Abuse
James B. Gessford, Gregory H. Perry, and Justin J. Knight

Chapter 8 – Pages A179 – A198
Student-to-Student Sexual Harassment
Robert F. Hachiya

Chapter 9 – Pages A199 – A216
Civil Liberties in Cyberspace
Mark A. Gooden and Bradley W. Davis

Chapter 10 – Pages A217 – A226
Laura R. McNeal and Briana Lathon

Chapter 11 – Pages A227 – A236
Homeschooling and the Law
Robert Kunzman