K-12 Safety and Security 2010-2012 Conference Papers (ebook)

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Compilation of Published Papers from the 2010-2012 ELA Annual Conference presentations.

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K-12: Safety & Security


The Legal and Policy Challenges to School Policing (2010, Outline)

A panel discussion of the case law and implications for school districts concerning school police. The presenters are the authors of the ELA monograph entitled The Challenges to School Policing.

Betty Cox, Ed.D., J.D.: Assistant Professor; Department of Educational Studies, University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN

M. David Alexander, Ed.D.: Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA

Luke M. Cornelius, Ph.D., J.D.: Associate Professor; Department of Educational Leadership and Professional Studies, University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA

Jennifer Sughrue, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, Department of Educational Leadership, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

Mark Y. Lineburg, Ed.D.: Superintendent of Schools, Bristol Virginia Public Schools, Bristol, VA


Fourth Amendment Update 2009-2010 (2010, Case Summaries)

This presentation will include an update of Fourth Amendment court opinions, highlighting decisions during 2009-2010, including cyber cases, strip searching, drug testing, and personal searches.

Jacqueline Stefkovich, Ed.D., J.D.: Professor, Education Policy Studies Department, Penn State University, University Park, PA

Lawrence F. Rossow, Ph.D.: Professor and Dean School of Education & Human Development, University of Houston, Victoria, TX

Kevin M. McKenna, J.D.: Shareholder, Latsha Davis Yohe & McKenna, PC, Exton, PA


Sharing Student Information with Police

When is sharing student information with police required, permitted, or forbidden? The issue is examined from multiple perspectives: FERPA, disability law, tort law, and criminal law.

Lynn M. Daggett, J.D., Ph.D.: Professor, Gonzaga Law School, Spokane, WA


Law Enforcement Interrogations in School (2011)

This presentation informs attendees about various school interrogation issues to include the effect of two recent Supreme Court decisions on at-school interrogations by non-officials.

Joseph P. Derrig, J.D.: Attorney, Patterson Buchanan Fobes Leitch and Kalzer, Inc., P.S., Seattle, WA


Search and Seizure in Public Schools 2011 Update of Fourth Amendment Cases (2011)

This presentation focuses on the Fourth Amendment rights of students in public schools including searches of electronic communications and school seizures.

Lawrence F. Rossow, Ed.D.: Dean, School of Education, University of Houston, Victoria, TX


Liability, Institutional Policy, and Student Safety: A Longitudinal Multi-Campus Case Study (2012, Draft)

Presentation will examine liability issues pertaining to student safety and provide findings from longitudinal multi-campus case study. Trends and recommendations will be presented.

Joy Blanchard, Ph.D.: Assistant Professor, Higher Education, Florida International University, Miami, FL


The Challenges to School Policing ( SRO Update, 2012)

The rapid rise of policing in public schools presents new and considerable legal challenges for schools, law enforcement agencies, and courts. This phenomenon raises issues of protecting the rights of students and the constitutional standards applicable to police officers. This presentation addresses the legal responsibilities and limitations of school police and the standards governing search, seizure, interrogations, and arrests in the school setting.

Betty Cox, Ed.D., J.D.: Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies, University of Tennessee, Martin, TX

Jennifer A. Sughrue, Ph.D.: Professor, Department of Educational Leadership and Technology, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA

Luke M. Cornelius, Ph.D., J.D.: Associate Professor of Higher Education Administration, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

M. David Alexander, Ed.D.: Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA