Contemporary Issues in Higher Education Law, 3rd Edition

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Richard Fossey and Suzanne Eckes, eds. (2015)

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624 pages

ISBN-10: 1-56534-168-6

ISBN-13: 978-1-56534-168-5

A practical, all-in-one guide covering higher education law as it affects students, faculty and non-faculty employees, and administrators. The publication provides a useful resource that reflects trends in the law, details current case law on a particular subject, and provides guidance on institutional policy for both public and private higher education institutions.This is an excellent text for courses in higher education law, providing board members, administrators, faculty, and students with a basis for informed decision making that will reduce the risk of liability through a preventive-law approach. The 3rd Edition contains a new chapter on religious colleges and universities, a complete listing of hundreds of cases cited, constitutional and federal statute references. Study questions and answers are provided upon request in separate guides (pdfs) for use by instructors, as well as a sample course syllabus.


Ch. 1 — Kimi L. King, Julie A. Leuzinger
     Introduction to the Law and the American Legal System
Ch. 2 — Neal H. Hutchens, Kaitlin A. Quigley
     Legal Dimensions of Higher Education Governance
Ch. 3 — Ralph D. Mawdsley
     Private Colleges and Universities
Ch. 4 — Ralph D. Mawdsley
     Legal Issues Concerning Religious Schools
Ch. 5 — Monoka Venters
     Legal Issues Concerning Faculty Employment
Ch. 6 — Neal H. Hutchens, Jeffrey C. Sun
     Faculty Expressions and Legal Implications
Ch. 7 — Luke Cornelius
     The Legal Rights of Non-Academic Personnel
Ch. 8 — David H. K. Nguyen, Krista Mooney Kahn
     Discrimination in Employment under Title VII
Ch. 9 — Martha M. McCarthy, Suzanne E. Eckes
     Sexual Harassment in Academe: An Overview of the Legal Standards
Ch. 10 — Janet S. Bubert
     An Overview of Federal Disability Laws
Ch. 11 — Scott R. Bauries, Joseph C. Beckham
     Liability for Negligence Involving Colleges and Students: An Evolving Duty of Care
Ch. 12 — Richard Fossey, Kerry Brian Melear
     Defamation and Other Intentional Torts
Ch. 13 — Kerry Brian Melear
     Contracts with Students
Ch. 14 — Mark A. Paige, Joseph C. Beckham
     Student Speech
Ch. 15 — Richard Fossey
     A College Student’s Right to Due Process
Ch. 16 — Richard Fossey
     A Student’s Right to Privacy in a College Residence Hall
Ch. 17 — Donna L. Gurley, Robert C. Cloud
     Campus Safety and Student Privacy
Ch. 18 — Philip T. K. Daniel
     The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment
Ch. 19 — R. Craig Wood, John Dayton
     Business Management in Colleges and Universities
Ch. 20 — Philip T. K. Daniel, Patrick D. Pauken
     Intellectual Property and Higher Education
Ch. 21 — Joy Blanchard
     Intercollegiate Athletics
Ch. 22 — David L. Dagley
     Community and Government Issues