Administrators' Guide to Employment Law and Personnel Management in Schools

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Mark A. Paige, J.D., Ph.D. and Adam Ross Nelson, J.D., Ph.D., Editors 

No. 99 in the Education Law Association K-12 Series

ISBN 978-1-56534-186-9

Softcover, 224 pages

This reference on the important topics of educational employment law and personnel management provides practical, up-to-date information for current and aspiring school administrators, as well as school law attorneys and professors of education law. Many of the authors have rich experience acquired from serving in multiple educational and legal roles through the course of their careers.

The book draws heavily from chapters adapted from the Education Law Association’s popular The Principal’s Legal Handbook 6th Edition, but goes several steps further. It includes a comprehensive review of federal anti-discrimination laws, as well as providing several hypothetical cases intended to serve as learning platforms to apply legal concepts.


Section I - Introduction and The U.S. Legal System 
1 / Introduction - Mark A. Paige and Adam Ross Nelson
2 / The U.S. Legal System - Charles J. Russo and Allan G. Osborne, Jr.

Section II - Federal Law
3 / Academic Freedom - Ralph Sharp and Gretchen Oltman
4 / Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - M. David Alexander and Jennifer A. Sughrue 
5 / Federal Antidiscrimination Law - John E. Rumel

Section III - State and Local Laws
6 / Evaluations - Lynn Rossi Scott
7 / Documentation - Kelly Frels, Janet L. Horton and Lisa R. McBride
8 / Teacher Dismissal - Evan G. Mense, Nathan M. Roberts and Kenneth E. Lane
9 / Collective Bargaining in Public Schools - Justin M. Bathon and Richard E. LaFosse
10 / Teacher Certification - Tina Chang, Sean E. Maguire, and William E. Sparkman
11 / Student Injury - Suzanne E. Eckes and Jesulon Gibbs-Brown

Section IV - Applying the Law to Practice
Sample Cases for Class Exercises - Mark A. Page and Adam Ross Nelson

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