School Law's Evolution: Reflections of a Texas Lawyer

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School Law's Evolution: Reflections of a Texas School Lawyer

Kelly Frels, J.D.

Softcover, 188 pages

ISBN 978-1-56534-189-0


Published during the 50th anniversary year of the Supreme Court's seminal decision on student free speech in the Tinker v. Des Moines case, this volume -- many years in the making -- offers a true insider's perspective on the evolution of school law from one of the field's pioneers.

"Those of us who were fortunate to have known Kelly during his practicing years benefited greatly from his friendship, his guidance, experience and his active mentorship.   Those who are not as fortunate to have had a personal relationship with Kelly will benefit just the same from the amazing stories he has captured in this memoir!" Chris Borreca, ELA President, 2008

Texas attorney Kelly Frels reflects on his almost fifty years of practicing school law, including how it has been shaped by vast changes in education and society in general; how he was influenced by people from the early years of Education Law Association (he is ELA's current longest-term active member) and Council of School Attorneys (COSA); and about the formation and development of Texas education and law organizations. His personal narrative makes these historical circumstances come alive and reminds us of the students, parents, teachers, professors, administrators, and attorneys who created, negated, mediated, and litigated the legal issues that impact us today.

Among the many subjects he covers are:

- Representing many Texas school districts and community colleges in cases involving desegregation, religion, prayer, employment law, construction, special education, student discipline, athletics, sexual harassment, gender issues, immigration, and much more

- Changes in the role of parents, school administration and governance, finance, effects of state and national legislation

- Tips for success in law, lawyering, and life

- What he has learned, and the people who have taught him

It's a one-of-a-kind retrospective anyone interested in school law shouldn't miss!