NEW Sexual Harassment and Bullying: Similar, but Not the Same Teaching Supplement

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By Ellery "Rick" Miller and Eric "Rick" Mondschein

Supplement to Monograph 93 in the ELA Series

Paperback, 56 pages (October 2015)

ISBN-13: 978-1-56534-173-9

The supplement to the monograph offers detailed guidance on effective training of personnel on sexual harassment and bullying policies, gained by the authors through their many years of experience providing these services.

Instructors who purchase 10 or more copies of the monograph receive the Teaching Supplement at no additional charge


Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Getting Started
          Self-Test Activity
          Sentence Stems Activity
          Expect-Don’t Expect Activity
          Operating Principles Activity
          Check-Hold Activity
Section 3: Understanding Sexual Harassment
          Recognizing Sexual Harassment Awareness Activity
          Continuum of Behavior Related to Sexual Harassment Activity
Section 4: Understanding Bullying
          True/False Bullying Assessment Activity
          The Where, When, Why, Who and How of Bullying Activity
Section 5: Similar, but Not the Same
          Voting with Your Feet: Sexual Harassment and Bullying Activity
          Case Studies in Sexual Harassment and Bullying
          School Climate Continuum Related to Sexual Harassment and Bullying Activity
          Compare and Contrast Sexual Harassment and Bullying Activity
          General Discussion
Section 6: Parent and Community Perspectives
          You Be the Judge – Bullying or Sexual Harassment Activity
          Administrator – Parent Role Plays
          Community Communication Activity
Section 7: Policy Considerations
          Policy Concerning Sexual Harassment and Bullying Activity
Section 8: Assessment.
          Case Analysis
          Essay Questions
          Short Answer Questions
Appendix 1: Monograph Table of Contents
Appendix 2: Monograph Table of Cases