Sexual Harassment and Bullying: Similar, But Not the Same (e-book)

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By Ellery "Rick" Miller and Eric "Rick" Mondschein

Monograph No. 93 in the ELA Series

PDF, 116 pages (October 2015)

ISBN-10: 1-56534-170-8

The monograph discusses current legal developments concerning sexual harassment and bullying K-12. It examines strategies for developing and implementing policies and training to help create a safe, secure educational environment that is conducive to learning. A separate teaching supplement is offered.

Instructors who purchase 10 or more copies receive the Teaching Supplement at no additional charge


Chapter 1: Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
Chapter 2: Sexual Harassment of Students
Chapter 3: The Explosion of Bullying into Public View
          Cyberbullying’s Growth Mirrors the Use of Social Media
Chapter 4: Title IX and Bullying
          State Responses to Bullying
          Federal and State Courts Respond
Chapter 5: Similar, but Not the Same
Chapter 6: Parent and Community Perspectives
Chapter 7: Key Considerations for Policy Implementation
          Components of Effective Policies on Sexual Harassment
          Components of Effective Policies on Anti-bullying
          Dissemination of Sexual Harassment and Anti-Bullying Policies
          Possible Strategies for Prevention
          Possible Steps for Intervening in Bullying Situations
          Factors for Determining Consequences
          Possible Consequences
          Examples of Remedial Measures
          Reporting Procedures
          Providing Support for Victims
          Sexual Violence
          False Accusations
Chapter 8: Pre-service and In-service Training
          Leadership Paradigm
Chapter 9: Summary and Conclusion
Appendix 1: Legal Sources and Remedies
Appendix 2: Dear Colleague Letter – Title IX Sexual Harassment
Appendix 3: Dear Colleague Letter – Bullying and Harassment
Appendix 4: Dear Colleague Letter – Bullying
Appendix 5: Sample Policy – Prevention of Harassment
Appendix 6 : Sample Policy – Prevention of Bullying
Appendix 7: Investigating a Complaint
Table of Cases