The Yearbook of Education Law 2016

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ISBN-10: 1-56534-176-7

ISBN-13: 978-1-56534-176-0

Hardcover, 336 pages - Published January 2017

Available as a standing order. Call to recieve the new edition each year: 216-523-7377.

Charles J. Russo, Editor

Elizabeth A. Shaver, Associate Editor

The Yearbook of Education Law, published annually, is a hardcover volume that contains analyses of the previous year’s federal and state court decisions affecting private and public elementary and secondary schools and higher education. It covers all aspects of education law and includes a detailed index and tables of cases (alphabetical and by jurisdiction). The 2016 edition contains ten chapters, featuring sixteen chapter authors.

Chapters/Chapter Authors
1. Employees
     Ralph D. Mawdsley & James L. Mawdsley
2. School Governance
     Lynn Daggett & Patrick Pauken
3. Students
     Joe Dryden & Cliff A. Cohen
4. Bargaining
     Jeffrey S. Greenley
5. Students with Disabilities
     Allan G. Osborne, Jr. & Susan C. Bon 
6. Torts
     Elizabeth A. Shaver & Robert F. Hachiya
7. Sports
     Mark A. Paige
8. Higher Education
     Kevin P. Brady & Luke J. Stedrak
9. Students in Higher Education
     Joy Blanchard & Elizabeth T. Lugg
10. Federal and State Legislation
     David L. Dagley & Amy L. Dagley