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Preconference and Postconference Sessions

Wednesday, November 7 Preconference Sessions / $75 each

1:00 – 4:00 pm      Legal Ethics in Education            

This session focuses on ethical issues related to law & education broadly, across PK - 20 settings (K12 and higher education). Attendees will be able to earn CLE credits for the ABA (and specifically the Ohio state bar requirements outlined below) professional conduct requirement. The presenters will focus on professionalism, civility, interacting with self-represented litigants and encouraging pro bono representation for attorneys, while also reviewing several ABA rules and how the rules apply. Finally, during this session the presenters will address the professional conduct requirements related to interactions with universities, school boards, employees, students, and parents.


Kathryn Perrico, J.D., Walter | Haverfield LLP, Cleveland, OH

Danielle Gadomski-Littleton, Senior Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, OH

Susan Bon, J.D., Ph.D., Professor and Program Coordinator, Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA), Department of Educational Leadership & Policies, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

Rhonda Porter, General Counsel, Akron Public School District, Akron, OH


1:00 – 3:45 pm     Charter and Online Charter School Issues in Special Education            

The ability to talk about special education considerations for online curriculum providers and schools as a whole, given recent case law and applicable regulations regarding the space, is increasingly important in the current political environment. Presenters will identify and discuss how to practically apply legal considerations in the pedagogical space of charter and online charter environments (e.g., focused on universal design theory for curriculum and instructors’ qualifications and considerations for online schools charters). Additionally, they will share practical details about the assessment space given disability laws (e.g., how to imbed deaf and hard of hearing interpreters, how to adapt a graphing item).

Michelle Gough, J.D., Ph.D., Project Lead the Way 
Azure D.S. Angelov, Ph.D., Goodwill Education Industries & University of Indianapolis
James Betley, J.D., Indiana Charter School Board
Kristen Moorehead, J.D., Project Lead the Way

 Saturday, November 10 Postconference Sessions / $59 each

12:00 – 2:45 pm (includes break)        School Law 101                 

This session provides a nuts and bolts review of hot topics in school law that every teacher should know, including speech, special education, discipline, harassment, church/state issues, McKinney Vento, and search and seizure. The presenters will answer many of those lingering questions, such as: Can a student be disciplined during a walk out to protest gun violence or for wearing a Confederate flag or homophobic t-shirt to school?  Can a teacher discuss controversial issues in class?  What are the legal rights of students experiencing homelessness while attending school?  May a teacher search a student’s cell phone if it appears that she is sexting in class?  Presenters will also provide an overview of careers in education law including, e.g., law firm positions, professors, policymakers, and graduate school opportunities.

Teachers, counselors, coaches and principals are encouraged to attend.  TFA teachers should apply for professional development funding through the regional office and other teachers should ask their districts for funds. Both presenters are former public school teachers with TFA, who are now practicing lawyers.  They also both teach education law courses to teachers at Indiana University.


Francesca Hoffman, J.D., Ph.D. student, Indiana University; Attorney, Lewis Kappes PC

Richard LaFosse, J.D., Ph.D. student, Compliance Consultant/Assoc. Instructor, Indiana University


12:00 – 2:45 pm        Communication Via Social Platforms and Networks            

Communication today is a multi-streamed cacophony of voices on platforms fighting to consume more and more of our time. Experts, in a traditional sense, are fading as the world transitions from a few voices with expertise to everyone’s voice with varying expertise. Education law scholars find themselves still relevant in courtrooms and law journals, but perhaps not as relevant in schools, state policy units, and in the public conversation more broadly. This session focuses on ways to help school law experts leverage social platforms and networks to bring their ideas to wider audiences. This session will introduce new tools, such as Buffer, that make communicating simpler. It will also introduce tools to take your messaging to new platforms, such as video. Finally, this session will provide coaching on packaging messages to be consumable in our Facebook-feed attention spans.


Justin Bathon, J.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Kentucky

Gina Umpstead, J.D., Ph.D., Professor & Assessment Coordinator for the Department of Educational Leadership, Central Michigan University