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We'll be happy to e-mail you a variety of information and materials, including sample periodicals, publication information, a list of member benefits, and information on events, products, and services. You can also find a wealth of information right here on our website.

Note to vendors: No offense, but ELA generally will not respond to solicitations. We received dozens every week, and there simply is not time enough in a day to reply. Thanks anyway.

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"I joined NOLPE in 1983 with the encouragement of my doctoral chair Nelda Cambron McCabe. ELA [formerly NOLPE] has been a great asset in the various educational positions that I have held--public school principal, superintendent, parochial administrator, and university professor. The conferences and the publications have been excellent. As an administrator, the collaboration/networking between school attorneys, university professors, and fellow school administrators has been outstanding."

–William Shula

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