The Yearbook of Education Law 2021

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ISBN: 978-1-56534-193-7

Softcover, 330+ pages

Published December 2021 --

Charles J. Russo, Editor

The Yearbook of Education Law 2021 marks the 27th year that Charles J. Russo has edited the annual publication containing analyses of the previous year’s federal and state court decisions affecting private and public elementary and secondary schools and higher education. It covers all aspects of education law and includes tables of cases (alphabetical and by jurisdiction), as well as a comprehensive chapter on federal and state legislation. In recognition of the overwhelming impact of COVID-19 on education law in 2020, the year covered by this edition, the Yearbook features a chapter of short articles on this topic by noted U.S. and international scholars.

Chapters/Chapter Authors
1. Governance
     Barbara Qualls & Patrick Pauken 
2. Employees
     Jyllian Bradshaw & Mitchell Walton
3. Students
     Joe Dryden & Andrea Schulewitch
4. Bargaining
     Jeffrey Greenley
5. Students with Disabilities
     Susan Bon & Allan Osborne, Jr.
6. Torts
     Raquel Muniz & Luke Stedrak
7. Athletics
     Gillian Foss & Joy Blanchard
8. Higher Ed - Faculty & Administration
     Todd DeMitchell & Jacob Bennett 
9. Higher Ed - Students
     Elizabeth Lugg & Joy Blanchard
10. Federal and State Legislation
     David Dagley & Amy Dagley
11. Essays on The Lost Year: COVID-19's Impact
     Suzanne Eckes, Regina Umpstead, Adel DiOrio, William Thro, Richard Fossey, Todd DeMitchell, John Borkowski, Javier Garcia Oliva, Helen Hall, Nina Ranieri, Shaun Star