Contemporary Issues in Higher Education Law 4th Edition

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Susan C. Bon, David H. K. Nguyen, Jennifer A. Rippner, eds. 

624 pages

ISBN-10: 1-56534-187-2

ISBN-13: 978-1-56534-187-6

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This convenient and user-friendly text addresses the full range of key subjects in higher education law. Featuring a distinguished team of editors and authors, as well as new chapters on international/global issues and race and the law – it offers expanded coverage of the higher education topics that are growing in importance.

Benefit from this practical, all-in-one guide covering higher education law as it affects students, faculty and non-faculty employees, and administrators. The new edition updates earlier editions and is now even more accessible for all students, including those with or without a legal background.


Ch. 1 — Susan Bon, Jennifer Rippner
     Introduction to the American Legal System
Ch. 2 — Neal Hutchens, Frank Fernandez
     Higher Education Governance
Ch. 3 — Charles Russo
     Private and Religious Schools
Ch. 4 — Kevin Brady
    Faculty Employment and Tenure
Ch. 5 — Jeffrey Sun, Neal Hutchens
     Faculty Speech and Expression 
Ch. 6 — Luke Cornelius
     Legal Rights of Non-Academic Personnel
Ch. 7 — David H. K. Nguyen
     Employment Discrimination and Title VII
Ch. 8 — Suzanne Eckes, Martha McCarthy
     Sexual Harassment
Ch. 9 — Susan Bon, Janet Bubert
     Federal Disability Laws
Ch. 10 — Scott Bauries
     Liability for Negligence
Ch. 11 — Richard Fossey, K. B. Melear
     Defamation and Intentional Torts
Ch. 12 — Richard Fossey
     Student Rights to Due Process
Ch. 13 — Jennifer Rippner, Mark Paige
     Student Speech and Expression
Ch. 14 — Richard Fossey
     Students' Residential Privacy Rights
Ch. 15 — Robert Cloud
     Campus Safety
Ch. 16 — Philip T. K. Daniel, Christopher Thomas
     Equal Protection Clause
Ch. 17 — R. Craig Wood, John Dayton
     Legal Issues in Business Management
Ch. 18 — Philip T. K. Daniel, Patrick D. Pauken
     Intellectual Property
Ch. 19 — Joy Blanchard
     Intercollegiate Athletics
Ch. 20 — Amelia King-Kostelac, David Nguyen
     International and Global Issues
Ch. 20 — LaWanda Ward, Delia Allen
     History, Race, and Law