A Guide to Special Education Law

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Elizabeth A. Shaver, J.D. and Janet R. Decker, J.D., Ph.D., Editors 

No. 97 in the Education Law Association K-12 Series

ISBN 978-1-56534-183-8

Softcover, 340 pages

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This text pools the experience and expertise of special education legal experts from across the U.S. into one valuable resource. In their current roles as special education attorneys and university professors, the authors navigate the complex maze of federal and state legislation, regulations, and case law. They also must stay abreast of constant changes.

The authors provide a clear and concise explanation of the current status of special education law. Importantly, they translate the law for those who do not have a legal background. Each chapter also offers practical recommendations. By heeding the authors’ useful guidance, special education directors, teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and others will be better prepared to address the many legal dilemmas they face.

1 / Special Education Legal Literacy - Janet R. Decker and Elizabeth A. Shaver
2 / The American Legal System - Charles J. Russo and Allan G. Osborne, Jr.
3 / Fundamentals of Federal Disability Law - Julie F. Mead
4 / Discrimination under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act - Allan G. Osborne, Jr. 
5 / Qualifying for Special Education Services under IDEA - Elizabeth A. Shaver
6 / IEPs, Least Restrictive Environment, and Placement - Jean B. Crockett and Mitchell L. Yell
7 / Related Services under the IDEA - Jennifer A. Sughrue
8 / Secondary School Transition Planning - Stanley L. Swartz, Philip H. Swartz, and Cathleen A. Geraghty-Jenkinson
9 / Disciplining Students with Disabilities - Mark A. Paige
10 / Parental Rights - Susan G. Clark
11 / Procedural Safeguards: Resolving Family-School Disputes - Susan C. Bon
12 / Current Issues in Special Education - Allan G. Osborne, Jr. and Susan C. Bon
Appendix / Edited U.S. Supreme Court Cases: Special Education - Julie F. Mead and Sean Bielmeier