Religion and Law in Public Schools, softcover

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Steve Permuth (Editor-in-Chief); Susan Silver, Ralph Mawdsley, Charles Russo (Editors); Dustin Robinson (Research Associate)

History, Philosophy, Trends; Educational Practices; The Trump Administration – Looking Ahead

How the Religion Clauses of the First Amendment have shaped U.S. public education – and how the Trump administration is likely to affect future church-state relations

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Monograph No. 95 in the ELA Series (February 2017), 568 pages

Softcover ISBN-10: 1-56534-175-9, ISBN-13: 978-1-56534-175-3

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An informative and dynamic series of articles, essays, and discussion questions from nearly 30 authors, concerning religion in public primary/secondary schools and universities. The text considers the subject’s background, the development of legal precedent, as well as contemporary and future issues of educational administration, in three sections: History, Philosophy, and Trends; Educational Practices; and The Trump Administration – Looking Ahead. In this timely third section, the authors look ahead and candidly express their personal views about potential changes to issues of religion and law in public schools under the Trump administration.

"I received my copy of the new book that Steve Permuth edited. Some of the nation's leading scholars on religion and education contributed to the book.It was beautifully produced and a significant accomplishment. A great product!"


1 / Jennifer Sughrue / The Legal and Historical Links between Public Schools and the Establishment Clause through the 20th Century

2 / Justin Butterfield / Religion in Public Schools

3 / Edd Doerr, Albert Menendez / Religion and Public Education: A Position Statement - Americans for Religious Liberty

4 / Rev. Barry Lynn / Religion and Public Education: A ‘No Coercion’ Model - Americans United for Separation of Church and State

5 / David Goldenberg, Stacy Maddern / Policy Perspectives of Faiths, Faith Organizations, Political Organizations, and the Schools

6 / David Schimmel / Religious Fundamentalists and Secular Humanists

7 / William Thro / A Kuyperian Perspective on American Religious Freedom

8 / Wayne Haglund / Individual Religious Liberty in the College and Public School Setting

9 / John Dayton / Enabling Divine Privileges: The Selective Toleration of Church-State Violations in Public Educational Institutions

10 / Steve Permuth, Dustin Robinson, Susan Silver / Through the Eyes of The Witnesses (Minersville v. Gobitis, W. Virginia v. Barnette)

11 / Allan Osborne, Charles Russo / Special Education and the First Amendment

12 / Ralph Mawdsley / Examining the Conflicting Interests of Parents, Schools, and Students

13 / Martha McCarthy / Vouchers and Tax Benefit Programs: Implications for Church/State Relations and Public Education

14 / Leslie Stellman, Tiffany Puckett / The ‘Tebow’ Effect: Religious Families’ Demands for Public School Services - Where Is It Heading?

15 / Christine Kiracofe / Public School Facilities and Religious Buildings: The Constitutional Parameters of Renting Each Other’s Space

16 / Nathan Roberts, Kenneth Lane / Prayer in Public Schools: Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities

17 / Phillip Buckley, Allan Osborne / Negotiating the Pitfalls of the Establishment Clause in Public Schools

18 / Brett Geier / Religious Liberty and School Responsibility: The Role of the School Principal

19 / Trasima Richard, Richard Fossey, Robert Slater, Sharon Hoffman / Analysis of Attitudes Toward School-Sponsored Religious Expression

20 / Steve Permuth, Patrick Pauken, Dustin Robinson / Administrative Applications: Suggestions for Practice

21 / Jennifer Sughrue, Justin Butterfield, Edd Doerr, Albert Menendez, Barry Lynn, Robert Boston, David Goldenberg, Stacy Maddern, William Thro, Wayne Haglund, John Dayton, Steve Permuth, Patrick Pauken, Dustin Robinson, Allan Osborne, Charles Russo, Ralph Mawdsley, Martha McCarthy, Leslie Stellman, Christine Kiracofe, Nathan Roberts, Kenneth Lane, Phillip Buckley, Brett Geier, Richard Fossey / The Trump Administration – Looking Ahead