A Documentation System for Teacher Improvement or Termination, 7th Edition

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Kelly Frels, Janet L. Horton, Lisa McBride, and Ilya Feldsherov  (2014)

Paperback, 64 pages

Monograph #89

ISBN-10: 1-56534-162-7

ISBN-13: 978-1-56534-162-3

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The primary objective of a school district's teacher evaluation system is to improve teachers' performance so they can become successful and contribute to the objectives of the district. If the evaluation does not produce this positive result, the teacher must be replaced, either by resignation or termination. The district's evaluation system thus serves a secondary function—the removal of the unsatisfactory teacher. This practical guide of legal considerations in school employee evaluation covers the documentation system, evaluates termination options,and includes sample letters and memorandums. Sections added or expanded since the previous edition include growth plans, discipline and social media, and First Amendment considerations.  



The Documentation System

Memoranda to the File

Specific Incident Memoranda

Visitation Memoranda

Summary Memoranda 

Summary Memoranda and the First Amendment

Assessment or Evaluation Document

Growth Plans

Close Out Memoranda

Documentation in General

General Guide for E-mail Communication

Documentation, Discipline, and Social Media

Evaluating Termination Options

Application to Chief Executive Officers



List of Appendices

A: Sample Memorandum to the File

B-C: Sample Specific Incident Memoranda

D-E-F: Sample Summary Memoranda (General, Specific Directives)

G-H: Sample Summary Memoranda (First Amendment)

I: Sample Memorandum (Social Media)

J: Sample Growth Plan

K-L-M: Sample Growth Plan Memoranda (Initial, Extension, Closure)

N: Sample Close Out Memorandum

O: Sample Do Not Write Memorandum

P: Checklist for Creating Effective Documentation