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Please list name and email address for each co-presenter who will register for the conference and, for each, indicate whether she or he will co-present 1) in the recorded session only, or 2) in both the recording and in person. Other contributors to the work presented may be acknowledged in presentation materials but not listed as presenters.


For each presenter, including primary presenter, please list name, highest degree(s) earned, title, organization, city, and state (or non-U.S. country) in the exactly this format:

John A. Smith, J.D., Ph.D.: Associate Professor, Educational Leadership Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL


For each presenter please submit a resume or C.V., or at least a detailed biography. 
This is required in order to ensure that ELA's attorney attendees can earn 
Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for attending your presentation.
Alternatively, you may submit a link to an online detailed bio, resume, or C.V.

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Upload a 400-500 word description of the proposed presentation, including a description of any best practices that will be discussed. Please note that footnotes/endnotes will NOT copy and paste over to this proposal form. If there is a reference list available, presenters are encouraged to include but will not be penalized for not doing so. IMPORTANT: Please name your document by presentation title, NOT by presenter names. This will assist in the blind review process.
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Which levels of education law does your presentation address? Please note that this also is valuable information for the outline and summary to be submitted below.*
Please describe what attendees will learn from your presentation, including how 1) professors, 2) administrators, 3) attorneys, 4) students, and 5) other ELA members will be able to apply the content of your presentation to their respective professional work. If applicable, address both pre-K-12 and higher education dimensions.
What type of presentation would you prefer to make, if the conference schedule allows?*
If ELA is unable to schedule your proposed presentation according to your preference above, are you willing to consider one or more of the alternatives?
If you like, please provide details about your secondary preferences:

Acknowledgments and Consents 

Please read each of the following, and indicate that you acknowledge and agree.

All presenters must pre-record their sessions for viewing by virtual conference participants and in-person attendees who wish to view recording. ELA can assist.
All presenters must electronically submit an appropriate narrative paper or detailed outline of the presentation material, including a case list or footnotes with proper legal citations, in a final format, no later than OCTOBER 1. This is necessary for attorney attendees to earn their anticipated CLE credits; occasionally in past conferences a few sessions have been denied CLE credit for lack of an adequate paper or outline. Presenters wishing to distribute the paper or outline or other materials must provide their own copies.*
ELA does not provide an honorarium, cover any expenses, or waive conference registration fees for presenters. *
To be assured of being listed in the conference program, each presenter must register and pay for the conference by SEPTEMBER 15.*
The undersigned represents that he/she is the sole proprietor of the materials that will be submitted for the 2020 Education Law Association (ELA) Annual Conference; he/she has the full power and authority to grant any use of these materials to ELA and hereby grants said authority to ELA to publish or sell the narrative paper or other materials; the publication or sale of the material will not infringe upon any copyright and he/she is responsible for gaining any needed permission for dual publishing or republishing rights; and he/she will not enter into any agreement or understanding with any person or entity that might conflict with the rights granted ELA. If selected to present at the 2020 ELA Annual Conference, he/she hereby grants ELA the non-exclusive right to print and distribute the narrative outline and any attachments in ELA's Annual Conference program and distributed conference files, as well as in other formats in furtherance of ELA's mission and vision.*
By checking the box to the right, I agree to allow ELA to accept the electronic submission of this form as my signature.*

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