ela resourcesEducation Law Association makes these links available to the public as well as our members as a service to the community. These resources include links to sites which are of interest not just to teachers, administrators and attorneys, but also to parents. If we missed something, and you'd like to add a site to this directory, please complete the form for us to review for possible inclusion.

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ELA Writer Resources

For its publications and periodicals, ELA follows The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation, 21st Edition and uses some style conventions approved by our senior editors. The resources linked here include an easy-to-follow, quick reference style guide and instructions for each of the different types of materials that we publish.


2022 Quick Guide (Bluebook style basics)

Circuit Courts by State - February 2022

Map of Circuit Court Coverage - February 2022


ED LAW Update Cases in Point

ED LAW Update Case Closeups (formerly Case Commentaries)

West's Education Law Reporter Education Law Into Practice (ELIP)

West's Education Law Reporter Commentaries

• The Yearbook of Education Law

• New Books

Government Resources

Code of Federal Regulations

Congressional Record

County Offices (*Find government offices in your county: courts, board of education, chamber of commerce and more.)

GPO Access

Legislative Information from Library of Congress

United States Code (*Site has a user-friendly search engine.)

United States Constitution

• Virginia Code

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

Ohio Dept of Education (Features variety of resources)

US Dept of Education

Virginia Governor’s official website

White House Official website

Special Education Interest Groups & Resources

Center for Parent Information and Resources (*CPIR supports the nationwide network of Parent Training Information Centers and Community Parent Resource Centers to better serve families of children with disabilities.)

Council for Exceptional Children

Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (*COPAA dedicates itself to protecting and enforcing legal and civil rights of students with disabilities and their families; site includes practitioner search for parents seeking representation.)

National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights

Resources for Students with Disabilities (VA)

Special Education Resources and Strategies

Special Education Resources

Other Interest Groups And Resources

American Association of School Administrators (*AASA focuses on school leaders’ interests.)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (*ASCD represents educators’ interests.)

Education Sector (*Education Sector is an independent education policy think tank which focuses upon pressing educational problems.)

Education Writers Association (*A professional organization of members of the media who cover education at all levels)

GoodCall (*A group that makes data available free for you to make good decisions. Additional reports may also be found on this site about scholarships, avoiding student loan debt, and more.)

International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (*Information on the professional of vocational rehabilitation and information on a section of the association, Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Services as well as a directory of members.)

Martindale-Hubble (*An online directory of attorneys. Complete the fields on this page, including areas of practice and geographical information, to find a list of practitioners.)

MoneyGeek (*Some highlights of this site include step-by-step instructions to filling out the FAFSA, alternative ways to pay for college and different types of college savings plans.)

NAEHCY (*National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth is an advocacy organization focused on protecting the educational rights of children and youth experiencing homelessness.)

• National School Boards Association 

• Principal Leadership Institute (*PLI focuses on development of school leaders.)

• Research Center for Leadership in Action (*NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. This center is focused on leadership development and on research into leadership practice and theory capacity.

• Sustainability Leadership Institute (*This educational organization focuses on research and developing leadership capacity in local, national and international organizations and communities in order to create a more sustainable economic, environmental and social future.)

• Southern Poverty Law Center (*The SPLC is a nonprofit civil rights organization.)

• Tolerance and Social Justice (Part of the Southern Poverty Law Center, this site provides great resources such as curricula and activities that are germane to preparing and developing educational leaders for social justice.)